The Necromancer

I’m savagely scrutinized for my sadistic sorcery

My sable soul won’t cease its search for victims to symbolically sodomize

There’s something salaciously satisfying about my obscenities

I am not sorry

My magnificent madness is married to me

I am a macrobiote

Miraculously malicious and mean mannered

Outrageously off-putting

Model: Kyuubi Arbogast 

Instagram: @kyuubikrazy


The sweet pulchtritude of a woman’s presence

In all her elegance 

Underappreciated & underestimated by most of society

But some recognize her true worth

For she is the baby bearer

No one would be here if not for her miraculous deeds

How dare a living soul ignore such a contribution to the world

A travesty of a mindset

But still she prevails 

Succeeding when she’s expected to fail

Frolicking along fearlessly instead of falling 

Model: Gabriela Luna

Instagram: @sleeping.luna

The Distance


My passion is burning

I’m more than determined

To expand my horizons and just keep on learning

I’m certainly working the hardest I can

To stay focused on only what’s part of my plan

At times it gets tough but I know with persistence

That nothing can stop me from going the distance

Model: Vanessa Lemmon

Instagram: @ladyv_az




The very thought of you brings warmness to my soul

To hold you in my arms at night has always been my goal

I dream of us together almost every night I sleep

So I’ll fight and fight to win your heart..I won’t accept defeat

Model: Alice Berger

Instagram: @aliibergs


Everyday I tell myself “I will succeed! I will succeed”

You should do the same even if you do not feel the need

Things won’t always go your way… life will sting you killer bees

But you must still believe

With your abilities

You will achieve

Success is fresh air…crack the window and feel the breeze

Model: Manuela Stratmann

Instagram: @lovely_peace_manuela


I’m confident, creative, active…

Artistic & attractive

The last person I gave my heart to just went and smashed it


It really wasn’t meant to be

I cannot let it hinder me

I’ve refocused my energy

Model: Alexandria  Fall

Instagram: @alexandrianfall